Welcome to the Creek 
Summer in the Psalms 
This summer is packed full of fun and excitement as we enter into learning about the character of God and how he provides and cares for us in all circumstances in our lives. Have you ever felt God was far from you? The Psalms have it all. Praises of His glory and peace and psalms of Anguish and regret as David calls out to God to not turn from him and forsake him but to reconcile back to God and draw near to him. 
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Kids at the Creek this FALL! 
Come jump in on an amazing opportunity to explore God’s word as we blaze through some amazing adventures this fall!
Leadership training is this month! Posting times soon. We would love for you to prayerfully consider if you are new to our church or  working in ministry to make this your next step and share in this chance to make a difference in a young kids life for Jesus! Call the church at 615-412-5280 or email us for more information.   
Three Campsites
2 years-5 years
K-2nd Graders
3rd-5th Graders